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About Dawn

I'm Dawn Williams, a self professed Cloud Whispering, Storytelling Reiki+SR Master/Teacher from Nova Scotia, Canada. A spiritual explorer of healing & whole-ing, my intention is to transcend suffering, one magical clover at a time!

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You are the Key. Together, we unEarth the Lock and excavate your treasure.

Find soulful belonging in this small but potent community. Each month Dawn offers at least one free energy exploration. Your remembering & expansion will be ignited with Dawn's unique energy activations, Reiki infused visualizations, Energy circles, office hours for questions & hot seats plus more.

This is a place of belonging to rest your heart & expand your consciousness!

In this safe haven, we explore energy healing tools, ancient wisdom, story as a healing modality, nature as an oracle, mysticism, ancestral healing, intuitive guidance, symbolism, chakras and so much more.

Dawn's vision is to create sacred space, heart based connection and energetically expansive processes to support your remembering.

Wisdom Keepers, do you hear the call?

Your Treasure Chest Awaits

When you join Dawn's 4Leaf4Life Wisdom Keeper community you access a Treasure Chest of curated tools to aid in your remembering and expansion. This is what you can expect:

  • A Tool Kit of past energy activations which grows with you and this platform.
  • A librarycontaining guides, energy practices, Reiki+SR infused visualizations, plus more. This grows with us as well. Past guides include:
    • Cloud Whispering 101, So you Want to Be a Cloud Whisperer?
    • 8 Guideposts to Transcend the Suffering in Grief & Loss
    • Connecting with Spirit Animal Wisdom
    • Ancestral Healing Guide: My Four Step Process to Release Emotional Lineage Legacies
  • Exclusive offers for Dawn's Workshops, Reiki+SR sessions and Energy Healing experiential training.
  • Wisdom Keeper Spotlight. Interviews on Zoom with a featured member each month. We want to hear your story.
  • A Community of like hearted souls ready to cheer you on and support your deep remembering.

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Basic Plan is Free!

Apply today to join Dawn's free community. Once you enter this sacred portal, you access free tools plus exclusive offers for Dawn's services and workshops which are not available on other platforms.

Quarterly & 'one off' premium paid offerings /workshops /mini sessions etc. will be exclusive to this platform as well. You choose the pace of your healing & expansion in working with Dawn to access many levels of energetic support. What are you waiting for? Apply today!